Science and Technology Training Center (STTC) is the only technical vocational school on the Thai- Myanmar Border offering engineering and industrial skills for migrant youths.

Who are weabout us

STTC Science and Technology Training Center was founded by Kyaw and Aye in July 2008, who are not only serving as headmasters for the boarding school and organize all its activities, but also engage as teachers themselves.

The perfect combination of teaching theoretical knowledge and practical skills

While the main part of the lessons are taught by the headmasters of STTC, Teacher Kyaw and Teacher Aye, volunteers also share their specific knowledge, for example in Architecture, English, Computer Sciences, Design and Photography. This is not only a great way to teach and learn, it also enriches STTC’s intercultural experience. If you are interested in becoming our teacher for some
months or longer, please contact us!