STTC was established in 2008.  The first class included twenty-five students, two instructors and five volunteers, including a mechanical engineer from Canada. Since then we have continued our tradition of small groups of motivated students and dedicated teachers.  Volunteers have continued to be an important part of the life of STTC.  Over the years, the school has become well-known among the migrant community in Thailand and across the border in Karen state for the work our students have done in schools and community organizations throughout the area.  Our students provide high-quality labor at a very low cost, as they are learning on the job.  We are known for our construction projects, water tower and water pump installations.  With all of our classes and practicums, our main objective is to train Myanmar youths to become confident technicians.  We hope that all STTC graduates will have the skills to succeed in their vocation and aid the technical development of Myanmar.