New STTC in Myawaddy!

By Kyaw Win | January 9, 2017 | News

In 2016, STTC has successfully expanded from Mae Sot, Thailand to Myawaddy, Myanmar. Teachers and current students of STTC are in the process of constructing their second branch and it is expected to be completed by March 2017. STTC Myawaddy aims to provide vocational education to approximately 30 Myanmar youths – helping them realizing their life goals and ultimately increasing their competitiveness in the job market after graduation. Besides learning about construction skills, students are exposed to other training such as cooking and driving. Students will also be able to put their knowledge learnt during classes into practical situations as STTC provides a variety of services including hydropower installation, furniture making, construction of buildings and wire installation. With education from STTC, students are able to be nurtured into holistic individuals with great knowledge as well as impressive life skills and attitude.


Students constructing the frame for workshop and boys’ dormitory.

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Students building the fencing for workshop.


Students establishing the foundation for the buildings.

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